“Veneziano dell’anno”

19 January, 2007

Every year a Venetian citizens committee called Associazione Settemari, award a prize: Veneziano dell’anno  to someone who has proved to dearly love Venice.
The 21st of January 2007, at the renown Fenice Theatre, Lady Frances Ashley Clarke will receive this prestigious recognition.  Her husband, the ex Britain Ambassador in Italy, Sir Henry Ashley Clarke (1903 -1994), established the foreign committees for the Venice salvation after the great flood of 1966.
Lady Frances has maintained his husband commitment with passion, enthusiasm and love for Venice.

Thanks Lady Frances.


2 Responses to ““Veneziano dell’anno””

  1. […] this book with the English translation, new photos of the islands and the foreword wrote by lady Frances Ashley Clarke. The sales of the book will help the restoration of Lazzaretto Nuovo Island and the projects of […]

  2. […] 27 January, 2010 As every year since 1978, last 17th of  December the Associazione Settemari has awarded the prize: “Veneziano dell’anno“. […]

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