Brides, Pirates and Marionette

30 January, 2007

A long time ago in Venice it was use to celebrate wedding with many couple in San Peter Cathedral, in the Castello quarter, the 31st of January. But in the 943 the Pirates attacked the church and kidnapped all the brides with their dowry!

The Doge, Candiano III, gathered the bravest citizens and the day after defeated the pirates and carried back the girls and the trunks. That day there was a big feast, and from then on every year the 2nd of  January the Republic gave the dowry as a gift to 12 pretty and poor girls to commemorate the victory. The maidens were carried around the city and it was called the “Marie” feast.

Years passed and the girls were replaced with wooden dolls “Marione”, the small models made for children to play were the small marie: “Marionette” (Doesn’t tell you anything this name?).

Today, during the Carnival events the “Marie” feast is celebrate again and the12 pretty Venetian girls are chose in a beauty contest.


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