The contest for the new Museum

1 February, 2007

Venice, Punta della Dogana

In front of Saint Mark Square, between the Canal Grande and the Giudecca Canal, there is the Punta della Dogana (Customs Point). Here, the Serenissima Republic ships docked and had to pay duty on the precious goods carried from the far Orient.
On the top of the customs tower (built in 1677) there is a great Gold Ball (Palla D’oro), two bronze Atlas are holding it and on the Ball there is the Fortune statue.

Today the bonded warehouses are empty, and in this huge place there will be a Museum! The contest is open between the French Art Collector Francois Pinault and the renown Guggenheim Foundation. Both already have a beautiful Palazzo on the Canal Grande (Palazzo Grassi and  Palazzo Venier dei Leoni) and both want the new Museum.

Who will win? Stay tuned: the Venice administration hasn’t spoke yet.


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  1. […] 12th, 2007 At the end, it seems that the French Art Collector Francois Pinault  has winned the contest for the new museum in the Punta della Dogana  buildings between Canal Grande and Giudecca Canal. But it hasn’t been […]

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