Where is the “Bellini”

13 February, 2007

Madonna with the child, Bellini

Giovanni Bellini, renown Venetian painter was born around 1425 and dead in 1516. He, with his father Jacopo and his half-brother Gentile, gave the name to the famous aperitif made by Arrigo Cipriani (who doesn’t know the Harry’s bar Bellini?).

One of his best work is the Madonna col Bambino, Madonna with the child,  a small beauty painted glorified since the 15th Century in the gothic church of Madonna dell’Orto (in the Cannaregio area).
The 1st march 1993 someone has stolen  the painting.
Venetians still hope, but ever since it’s a mystery where is the “bellini” and who has it…


One Response to “Where is the “Bellini””

  1. segmation Says:

    It would be nice to find this painting? I don’t know if it will ever reappear. Thank you for sharing this on Bellini! Perhaps you might like some Bellini Art, please check out my blog at http://segmation.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/giovanni-bellini-italian-renaissance-artist-www-segmation-com/. Thanks for allowing this comment.

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