Would you like to give your name to a Venice Bridge?

14 March, 2007

The Grand Canal has just three Bridges (maybe will be four in few months). One of these three, the Accademia, needs to undergo a restoration.  The first Accademia bridge was a irony bridge built in 1854, but was replaced with a “temporary” wooden one in 1933.
The wooden bridge, after 75 years, is still there.  

So, the Venice Major – Prof. Massimo Cacciari – thinks of replacing it with a new one. He has told to the press that if a sponsor is going to pay for it, it would be allowed to give its name to the bridge.

That’s a great opportunity, what would you like? Coca-Cola Bridge? Fiat Bridge? Or Google Bridge? Why not Ikea Bridge? (ready to be assembled :-/)



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