Venice Lover’s Day

3 April, 2007

The 25th of April in Venice every woman receives a red blossom rose from her man.
In the age of  Carlo Magno, The Doge doughter, Vulcana, fall in love with Tancredi, a menestrello kind but penniless. To show his value, Tancredi departed with the French knights against the Moors.
Unfortunately he was killed and his fellows delivered the sad news to Vulcana with a rose blossom still bloody. The next morning Vulcana Father found her died for the grief, still with the blossom (bocolo) in her chest.
So if you are in Venice the 25th of April don’t forget to gift a Bocolo to your love to remember Vulcana, Tancredi and the endless love.


2 Responses to “Venice Lover’s Day”

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