Would you like to visit the MOSE?

2 May, 2007

To defend Venice from the high tide (or acqua alta) there is now a huge construction site where the sea meets the lagoon, here they are going to build a system of mobile dams: the MOSE.
MOSE in Venice
Mose means Modello Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, and it was the name of a old (1988- 1992) experimental project, but the name of the Bible prophet seemed so nice that they kept it.
There are a lot of talking about these works and a lot of different opinions about their practical utility.
But, and this is the news, it seems that in a couple of months there will be daily tours to the works for all the tourists that are interested in this new Venice wonder.


3 Responses to “Would you like to visit the MOSE?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I wonder if you can tell me (or if your family in Italy knows) — is construction of the Mose project continuing, or has it been stopped, while the mayor fights it? I know that there has been some controversy, and I wonder if construction has been halted while they sort it out, or if they continue to build?

  2. Gaia Says:

    They are still working, I’m quite sure about this.
    What I didn’t understand is how much they have already done.

  3. Tom Says:

    Have they done much? I was trying to find some pictures… And also some other mention of the tours… Haven’t had any luck.

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