The Biennale scandal

8 May, 2007

The 52nd International Art Exhibition will run from the 10th of June to the 21st of November.
The Biennale is well-known for its scandals and the first happened right in the first edition (1895) with the painting: “Supremo convegno” of Giacomo Grosso.

Venice Biennale Supremo convegno

It was described as “A casket with a cadaveric face coming out, while five naked young women surrounded him in despairing and lusty posing” …soon there was a lot of talking about it. The Prelate Sarto (next Saint Pio X) refused to visit the Exhibition. The Mayor Selvatico put the painting in a recess, but he obtained the opposite result: all the visitors asked to see the paint and went straight to look for it!
At the end the work got the prize of the public, so the scandal grew more and more and a mysterious company (the “Venice Art & co.”)  bought the paint to show it all around the world.
It was shown for the first time in the US, where the painting was soon destroyed in a fire (an arson?).  

Tip: don’t try to come for the preview, unless money is not a problem for you and you know how to find an accommodation still available.


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