Historic shop closes

13 June, 2007

Many streets in Venice are named after a shop or trade that was located there, as Calle del Forno (oven street) or Calle dei Fabbri (smiths streets).
There is a place where the shop is still there, it’s a toy shop, the official name of the place is ponte di San Giovanni Grisostomo, but all in town call it ponte dei giocattoli (toy bridge).
Unfortunately now the old toy shop (maybe the last in Venice centre)  is closing. So you probably never see it. But if you get lost and a Venetian talk to you about a Ponte dei Giocattoli, you will know that is not on the map.

Ponte dei giocattoli


5 Responses to “Historic shop closes”

  1. John Clarke Says:

    I seem to remember passing this place on my way to the Frari, but I never went in despite all the temptations in the window. Lots of old style robot toys and Beatles memorabilia. It’s a real shame if the place is closing.

  2. Gaia Says:

    This shop is on a bridge between Campo SS. Apostoli and Rialto. There are other toy shops in Venice (one very nice in Campo Santa Margherita) and also a Disney Store near Rialto, but they are smaller.

  3. John Clarke Says:

    Ah, not the place I’m thinking of then. My route took me along Calle de Mezzo and past Osteria Vivaldi. I’m getting mixed up because the shop I saw was also at the foot of a bridge. Who would ever have thought Venice could cause confusion??

  4. The one’s you have seen is close to Campo San Polo, a little shop where they fix dolls and sell old toys.
    I love it, but sure is not for children.

  5. […] March, 2008 The old toy shop is gone. But since all Venetians still call the bridge “toys bridge”, someone has put a sign […]

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