The last bridge

25 June, 2007

Venice ponte parapet 

There are more then 500 bridges in Venice, but just one doesn’t have the parapet. It’s the Ponte Chiodo and you can find it on the Fondamenta di San Felice (in Cannaregio district). It’s still in this shape because it doesn’t lead to a public street but to a private building (Palazzo Chiodo) .
Once no bridge in Venice had the parapet, and one of Venice favourite sports was to face on the top of a bridge and push in the water the opponents.
Today safety is the priority and from 1800 all the bridges (but one)  have a parapet in wood, stone or iron.


2 Responses to “The last bridge”

  1. John Clarke Says:

    I’ve never seen a Venetian bridge without rails or parapets, it’s very elegant.

  2. […] the tricky steps of the new bridge on the Grand Canal, and I have already written also about ponte Chiodo, the last bridge  in Venice without […]

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