The silent Moor

26 June, 2007

Moors of Venice 

The Venice Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio), in Saint Mark Square, was built by  Mauro Condussi between 1496 and 1499. In the same time Ambrogio da le Anchore melted the big bronze bell and the two handsome characters that are usually called Moors due to the dark oxide coating on them.
Every 60 minutes the two Moors beat the bell .
But now one of the two lies still, and the town misses his toll. His hammer breaks and to avoid accident the Moor had to be stopped. To fix it will take few days.


One Response to “The silent Moor”

  1. maitresse Says:

    I saw these guys from the top of the Campanile last week and didn’t know what they were… thanks for enlightening me!

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