Venice Graveyard

6 November, 2007


In Venice, once, all the graves where in the grounds around the churches. But at the beginning of the XIX Century, after the French occupancy, Napoleon commanded that all the graveyards were moved outside the town.
So the Venetians, linking two islands in the lagoon area between Venice and Murano, built the Cemetery of San Michele. Here there was already a magnificent church built by  Mauro Codussi.

San Michele is a special and striking place, here many big names asked to be buried, as Ezra Pound, Igor Stravinski,

Stravinski grave

and Diaghilev

Diaghilev grave

In there days the cemetery is full of flowers that Venetians bring to their beloved.


3 Responses to “Venice Graveyard”

  1. jkiel Says:

    San Michele is a fascinating place. I wrote a small article (with photos) on

    It’s a place I definitely want to return to!

  2. Gaia Says:

    Your article and the pictures are very nice. If you have never been there, I think you would like also “San Francesco del Deserto” island.

  3. jkiel Says:

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll look forward to it!

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