Love Padlocks

14 January, 2008

Love padlocks in venice

They are popped up few days ago on the top of the Accademia bridge. Is it arrived also in Venice the habit to clasp padlocks on the bridges as a love pledge?
This is a poetic, but weighty, habit that has military origins and you can already find in other cities like Florence or Rome.


3 Responses to “Love Padlocks”

  1. Mary K Says:

    I saw the padlocks there and wondered what they were… thanks so much for the info. They were removed within a couple of days.

  2. wendysalter Says:

    There is a sense of desperation about the padlocks, yet a classical symbol of soul love. A pact, a tryst that transcends time. Hauntingly beautiful.

  3. daniel Says:

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