Holiday apartments in Venice

12 March, 2008

 views on venice apartments

Disclaimer: this is unfair promotion 🙂

I would have never thought of an apartment for a holiday in Venice ten years ago (maybe because they didn’t exist), but now I think it’s a great solution to enjoy Venice.
There are now many holiday apartments, many owners “rent-by-yourself-better-if-without-paying-taxes” and many rental agencies.
Views on Venice is one of these, I could say that their apartments are very nice and clean, but what I really like are the people in the office, Filippo, Annalisa and Daniela. They work the whole day to take care of the clients in Venice, and really like to do it!
Plus, the web site has a real online booking system, that’s extremely rare in this business.


3 Responses to “Holiday apartments in Venice”

  1. George Franklin Says:

    I have used Views on Venice on four different occasions, and they have been great each time. The last time, the airlines lost our luggage for three days, and the staff (incredibly kind) at Views on Venice made various calls for us and arranged for its delivery. The apartments have always been clean, comfortable, enjoyable, and usually came with the necessary kitchen supplies, etc. I look forward to booking with them again this year.

  2. I’m glad that you had a good time.
    Venice had for a long time a bad name, we all have heard stories of poor cheated tourists, but now there are many companies as Views on Venice that are really trying to give the best service to their guests.

    For your next holiday: they have a new apartment that (they told me) has been really well restored.

    I confess that I have seen (I know the owner) this:
    And it’s fabulous!

  3. I’m researching on various ways to improve tenant relationship vis a vis management companies. At the moment, a tenant find an apartment for rent and the relationship stops there. I’m curious to know what will happen if the apartment locator is able to develop a profound relationship with the management company which he can relate to the future tenant. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated

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