About cruises in Venice

15 April, 2008

Too big, too close to the old town, too full of tourists, but
…business is business.
cruises in venice


3 Responses to “About cruises in Venice”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Your photo sums up the problem for Venice … very depressing

    Thanks for sharing

  2. John Clarke Says:

    What Joanna said. Seeing this horrifies me. The city and the lagoon just cann’t cope with such vast vessels and such huge numbers of people. I can’t imagine people on those ships stay long. If only there was some way that people would only visit Venice if it called to their hearts in some way, rather than because they have fallen for the ‘You simply must see Venice’. It just becomes a box to tick on an itinerary. Or am I being too Romantic about the place? It’s just that when I was last there I shared a dorm with a young American guy who said, ‘Yeah man, you can do Venice in a day’. That attitude makes Venice less than Disneyland.

    Apologies for my rant! 🙂

  3. I’m afraid there’s no solutions, at least until we want few tourists but as many money as possible.

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