30 April, 2008


You can find this big skull in front of Palazzo Grassi. It’s realized using kitchen utensils by Subodh Gupta, and it’s a piece of the F. Pinault’s collection (owner of Palazzo Grassi).

Quite unusual in the Grand Canal setting.



4 Responses to “Skull”

  1. John Clarke Says:

    I don’t generally go for ‘modern’ art of any kind, especially in Venice. It just tends to look out of place. Have to admit though, I rather like this. I thought the large ‘balloon dog’by Jeff Koons was quite endearing too.

  2. fugitive ink Says:

    In small doses, contemporary art suits Venice, and vice versa: the ever-changing light and mild sense of spacial disorientation encourage surprising, surreal encounters with otherwise less than thrilling objects such as the skull above.

    On the other hand, the Biennale makes me want to run into the nearest nondescript church and hide for a few months.

    I really do love this site, btw.

  3. wendysalter Says:

    Fabulous pictures; they bring back happy memories of Venice.I like to see modern art in Venice. It is one place that can take it, because it is a symbol of great Art and History, like the masks and Venetian Glass but I hope the skull is temporary. Venice is an inspiration to artists, it is surreal itself.

  4. What a beautiful site! It makes me long to return to Venice. Twice in a lifetime is not enough. I thought that skull imagery was important in Venice and when I did a search, I found this:

    “The work speaks to the cultural context through the skull imagery, which is an omnipresent motif in Venetian art and architecture,” says Alison Gingeras, chief curator at the palace, which shows works from François Pinault’s collection. “The overlap between the very precise cultural meaning relating to Gupta’s home country and the particular iconography of the city of Venice has made this work not only a huge popular success, but also has given rise to a rich cross-cultural and art-historical dialogue.”

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