6 May, 2008


The portèla a spigolo is a wood board that close the box room under the gondola prow.
It has been introduced in the XIX century and it’s the only part of the gondola where the gondolier can be free, the rest of the boat: colour, materials, shape… is strictly ordered.
Here some example you can see today:




4 Responses to “GONDOLA ART”

  1. jkiel Says:

    that’s a great subject for a longer photo essay!

  2. John Clarke Says:

    You know this may sound silly, but on all my trips to Venice I’ve never even looked closely enough at a gondola to notice this! I’ll definitely have a closer look next time. There are just too many things too see in Venice.

  3. A photo essay it’s an idea I have thought too. This is one of that unnotice details that pictures can emphasise.

  4. […] May, 2008 Many wrote me about my first Gondola Art post, so here there are some new pictures of the “portèla a spigolo” in the gondola prow. […]

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