Calatrava update

4 August, 2008

calatrava july 2008

calatrava july 2008

I took this picture last week.
The bridge seems indeed ready, but it’s not open yet.
Maybe the Venice administration is waiting for an inauguration day with the maximum of visibility.


3 Responses to “Calatrava update”

  1. Thanks so much for publishing your great images!!
    It’s always wonderful seeing images of Venezia!!

  2. rscano Says:

    Hi, is right to say also that the disabled people have organized for make petition and fight against the inaccessibility of the bridge that violate the Italian law.
    Also disable people are hungry with Municipality that will call the new bridge “Ponte della Costituzione” (Constitution Bridge), because bridge don’t respect the Italian constitution (article 3 – all citizen are equal..).

    Here more info in English:

    and here another article:

  3. What is true is that all this disputes don’t help Venice. And don’t improve Venice image abroad. It could have been a good opportunity to make something special and innovative, and to communicate it to the world.

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