The Calatrava Bridge is open!

12 September, 2008

Last night Calatrava bridge has been opened to the public, without lights, almost as a secret.
Here the first pictures!!!


7 Responses to “The Calatrava Bridge is open!”

  1. Miss Expatria Says:

    I like it!

    *ducks objects being thrown at head*

    Naw, I really do. Is the upper part slippery? It looks slippery, except for that middle strip.

    I have a webcam of four spots in Venice on my Mac widgets, and I’ve loved seeing this thing being built in one of them.

  2. No it’s not slippery, but the real test will be with the rain and the wet steps.

  3. John Clarke Says:

    I like it more than I thought I would, now that I can get a real sense of scale from these pictures. But when I get off the bus at Piazzale San Roma, I’ll still be taking the vaporetto to San Marco. It just seems wrong not to arrive in Venice by water.

    Thanks for posting these.

    Oh,Miss Expatria, I WISH there were more Webcams in Venice! I assume you have the 3 on the Comune site and the one from Palazzo Balbi, but I stumbled across another one the other day:

    If you find any more let me know!

  4. Sonja Says:

    Do I understand it right that now its possible to get to Venice by foot?

  5. It is possible to get to Venice by foot since the first years of 1900 when Mussolini buited the Ponte della Libertà between Venice and the mainland (you can do it by foot but it’s easyest by car or train :-).
    The “ponte di Calatrava” is just the fourth bridge on the Grand Canal (the other are: Scalzi, Rialto, Accademia).

  6. Sonja Says:

    I came to Venice in 1997 and we kept our car in some big parking house and thene we took the “bus-boat” into the center. I thought that it was the only way to get there. We had not planned the visit then, so we didnt know what to see and how to get there.

    Now I am planning a trip again to Venice and this time I want to be much more prepared.

  7. With the exception of Giudecca, Lido, Murano, Burano and Torcello you can go everywhere by foot, the town is little, you can cross it by foot in less then one hour.

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