Calatrava Bridge again

1 October, 2008

calatrava steps

calatrava steps

If you thought the story ended with the inauguration you were wrong.

It seems that people keeps to tumble down on the glass steps, not because they are slippery but because some steps are  twice the width.

Calatrava has proposed to replace some glass steps with some more visible (in “trachite” I really don’t know the English traslation), but until now the Venice administration doesn’t want to spend more money…

Stay tuned


5 Responses to “Calatrava Bridge again”

  1. Miss Expatria Says:

    I KNEW IT! I knew there would be something.

  2. I can’t believe how this bridge has become the main topic about Venice.
    I wonder if Calatrava is starting to hate it.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I *LOVE* your blog… I am an “adopted” Venetian myself, since I married into a native Venetian family!

    I think you’re right that the bridge has become the main news about Venice these days. It’s because, I think, the bridge is the embodiment of some of the biggest problems that Venetians believe they facing at the moment. I just wrote a post about it (with a link to your father’s wonderful closeup picture of the steps!) on my blog at

  4. Thanks,
    your site is very nice too, I have visited it many times.
    I agree with you, the new bridge seems to be the symbol of Venice conflicts and problems.

  5. […] October, 2008 Just an odd info. I have already written about the tricky steps of the new bridge on the Grand Canal, and I have already written also about ponte Chiodo, the last […]

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