Sacred and profane

17 November, 2008

san simeon

san simeon

If you visit Venice now, you will see many scaffolds with huge advertising. The Bridge of Sighs, the Punta della Dogana, the Campanile of St Marks, the Salute Church and some other minor buildings are undergoing a major restoration.
The scaffolds are due to the restoration of buildings, but many are complaining about the advertising.

Thi is a picture of San Simeon Piccolo (in front of the train station). The Venice Church autorities complain that the image is not suitable for a Church. Other say that the advertising are paying the restoration of the Church.  What do you think?

This picture on San Simeon will be removed soon, but the issue still for the other buildings. Is it a useful solution for the expencive restoration that Venice always needs, or it’s a damage of Venice beauty and image?


3 Responses to “Sacred and profane”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Gosh, that is a very prominent advertisement,isn’t it! Are the advertisements actually helping pay for the restoration work? If so, then I suppose it may be worth it. I haven’t been to Venice yet (we are booked to visit next April) but I understand that on-going restoration really is needed, and someone has to pay for it.

    I suppose one can still see these historical places from another angle where the advertisement isn’t so prominent? It would be nice to think such huge advertisements could be banned, but what would the result be? Less money for restoration?

  2. John Clarke Says:

    Well, I’m of the view that San Simeon Piccolo isn’t a pretty church so putting something prettier in front of it isn’t a bad idea! At least they’re not advertising ‘Intimissimi’. 🙂 I’d object more if this was covering up the Salute, which is a church too lovely for such horror. ( By the by, is the Salute still covered in scaffolding? )

    It’s hard to think of something that would be ‘appropriate’ to advertise on the front of a church.

  3. Until few years ago all advertisements in Canal Grande were banned, but then the need of money for the restorations changed the rule.

    The Salute Church has now few scaffoldings, but the Venice administration has promised to free from them all the Church before the “Festa della Salute” (

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