Hard Rock Cafè

25 November, 2008

hard rock cafe

hard rock cafe

 Soon Venice will has its Hard Rock Cafè.
It will been in “Bacino Orseolo” close to Saint Mark Square.
Many don’t approve, as you can read in this discussion:

But I’m sure Venice teens are happy.


4 Responses to “Hard Rock Cafè”

  1. Chris Says:

    Even as an American I find this vulgar!!!

  2. fugitive ink Says:


    Having said that, the benefit of the London branch is that it does manage to occupy a proportion of our less culturally adventurous, more intellectually stagnant visitors who would otherwise clutter up London’s public spaces, chewing gum and looking bored.

    On a more serious note, we’re getting news here that Venice is on major flood alert. I know I am not alone in hoping that your family and friends, as well as the most beautiful city on earth, will not be seriously affected.

  3. The tide this morning has been really out of ordinary, I have uploaded two pictures right now.
    The water is a big problem for shops and ground floors, but definitely not for people, I mean, it’s a big problem but not a danger.

  4. fugitive ink Says:

    The photos are fascinating – thanks.

    As for the high water, I wasn’t so much worried that you might wash away, as about water-logged ground floor rooms, backed-up sewage and other delights that sometimes accompany floods – although I suppose that Venice is probably better prepared for this sort of thing than most places.

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