The abandoned islands of the Venetian lagoon

21 January, 2009

san giacomo island

san giacomo island

In the 1978 Giorgio and Maurizio Crovato, two young Venetian twins, travelled around all the  abandoned islands of the Venetian lagoon, with their Venetian rowing boat Sandolo, and made a book about them that was also a report of the bad condition of many islands.
The book had a huge success and was soon out of  print.

the book

the book

Now, 30 years later, a Middlesex publisher ( ) has reprinted this book with the English translation, new photos of the islands and the foreword wrote by lady Frances Ashley Clarke.
The sales of the book will help the restoration of Lazzaretto Nuovo Island and the projects of Venice in Peril and Save Venice inc..

lazzareto nuovo

lazzareto nuovo


15 Responses to “The abandoned islands of the Venetian lagoon”

  1. Jean Says:

    I went to the website and didn’t see a way to get this book. Can you advise?

  2. jk Says:

    Yes, please let us know where we can obtain a copy!

  3. Rob C Says:


    Try the Online Shop (UK only)

  4. I confirm you that if you live in the UK you can buy the book online on
    If you don’t live in the Uk I suggest you to write an e-mail to sanmarcopress and ask them.
    In Venice you can find the book in some book shops as Toletta and Ghetto nuovo.

  5. jk Says:

    Grazie a tutto!

  6. Mary K Says:

    I emailed them about getting the book sent to Australia and they got right back to me. Getting it will not be cheap however!

  7. Unfortunately Australia is not around the corner :-), but I have the book here on my desk and it’s really interesting. I’m sure that after it you’ll want to see the Venice Lagoon again as soon as possible.

  8. jk Says:

    Yes, a similar thing here to the USA… it seems that I’ll need to purchase at least 2.

  9. […] visits on Saturday and Sunday) to all, Venetians and tourists. The Lazzareto is one of the The abandoned islands of the Venetian lagoon and it has been restored thanks to the Ekos Club-Archeoclub […]

  10. […] Polo Nautico Vento di Venezia he has been part of the  rebirth of the Certosa Island, one of the abandoned islands of the Venetian lagoon that now hosts a harbour, an hotel, a restaurant, management courses and the local office of […]

  11. Eloy Boals Says:

    This is a very good article, im glad I recently found it. Ill be back again down the track to check out other posts that you have on your blog.

  12. Steffen Juul Says:

    I read about the abandoned islands og The Venetian Lagoon.
    I’m very interested if you have more links etc.
    I’m going for at sea kayak trip next year in the lagoon to study the islands with my whife.
    We are both architects and want to study, paint and fotograph these islands.
    Venezia was main menu in my studytrips to Italy as a student also.

  13. Don’t forget the moschito repellent!
    There are many studies about the islands, but few in english.

    • Steffen Juul Says:

      Fine site, but the UK version don’t work.
      I have a friend who speak italien, so it will work all right.
      I foundt 2 other sites – realy good- one in english and the other one in IT.

      Loooking foreward to paddling sea kayak.
      PS! – We nordic peopel just love moschitos – sepcielt them from the polar circle…

  14. books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books ,*`

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