The new Punta della Dogana

24 February, 2009

punta dogana

punta dogana

The work at the Punta della Dogana are finally over and most of the scaffoldings are off.

The opening is due the 6th of June with the Francois Pinault collection exposition.

Francois Pinault,  already owner of Palazzo Grassi,  is indeed the new owner of Punta della Dogana.


3 Responses to “The new Punta della Dogana”

  1. gfmueden Says:

    BTW, the Comune is building a new website, ambitious, strangely laid out, but it has a good map showing where the six bridges are that have been fitted with chair lifts. A very large part of the city is now wheelchair accessible. Ask the search engine to look for Accessibility Venice. It is under My Life, not under Tourism. It looks as if you can go all the way from the Basilica to Rialto by wheelchair.
    There are good instructions for operating them, but getting and returnng the needed keys has not been made clear. ===gm===

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