Venice Hard Rock Cafè

27 April, 2009

Finally, after a delay of months, the Venice Hard Rock Cafè opens!
Today there will be the opening party.

venice hard rock cafe

venice hard rock cafe


6 Responses to “Venice Hard Rock Cafè”

  1. t3stblog Says:

    What a truly depressing development


  2. John Clarke Says:

    At last! Now people have a reason to visit Venice…


  3. maggi tennant Says:

    I dont like the idea of Mcdonalds etc in Venice but Italian young people are the same as all young people and if it helps the economy!!! I will try it when I next there (3 weeks and counting) Thanks for the update.. John clarke… Have you actually been to Venice?

  4. John Clarke Says:

    I have indeed been to Venice a number of times, maggi, though not for a couple of years on account of my credit being crunched and the truly miserable exchange rate between the pound and the Euro. I’m always yearning to get back to Venice though. I hope to get back in December.

  5. jk2kitteh Says:

    ah, mi dispiace…

  6. kurt Says:

    ah it’s a wonder never spotted that. i was there 2 weeks before it opend

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