New hidden supermarket

27 September, 2010

On the “Fondamenta della Misericordia” (strange, because in this area there are already many supermarkets) there is a new Prix Supermarket (a cheap one).



Maybe thay have to work a little bit more on the signs…

misericordia supermarket

misericordia supermarket

Also on the door…. Yes, this is the door, it’s not the wrong photo.



Sometimes tourist complain that supermarkets in Venice are hidden… I don’t understand why….


7 Responses to “New hidden supermarket”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    Oh, I’ll have to look for that one next time I visit Venice. You’ve sent me to my bed with a smile on my face. πŸ˜‰

  2. Giuditta Says:

    Please tell me how to find it!! I’m weary of the Billa! Thanks

  3. Jude Says:

    I’m so excited! I found it today. I was walking with a friend on the Fondamenta and I saw the tiny sign. It really is as tiny as shown here. We went in and were amazed at the prices and how empty it was. Wine that looked good for only a little more than 1 euro. Lots of produce and a “machine” where you could press a button, hold a bag over the opening, and get your choice of bread rolls. I got two nice large French rolls for .34 euro! No waiting at the counter to pay. And at the same time the Billa is crowded with lots of cranky people and clerks! Thanks for turning me on to this!

  4. Jude Says:

    Jude and Giuditta are the same person.

  5. I still wonder why they have opened it…

  6. Natalie Says:

    Ahahah! I LOVE the sign directing you to the store πŸ™‚

  7. […] OK, I have written that they need a beeer sign, but I was not thinking of this. prix_sign Posted by beyondthebridge Filed in News Tags: supermarket Leave a Comment » LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

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