9 July, 2014

I wonder how Casanova could have escaped, surely not by these windows…




4 Responses to “Piombi”

  1. ytaba36 Says:

    I am going to re-blog this on my blog, grazie!

  2. ytaba36 Says:

    Reblogged this on Hello World and commented:
    Piombi (The Leads in English) is a former prison in the Doge’s Palace in Venice. The name of the prison refers to its position directly under the roof of the palace, which was covered with slabs of lead. In winter, these slabs let the cold pass and they acted as a catalyst in the summer heat, imposing harsh conditions for inmates.

    In 1755, Giacomo Casanova made a famous escape from the prison. He published the story of his escape in 1787.

  3. lizbert1 Says:

    Lovely picture, thanks!

    BTW Casanova hacked his way out through the roof and got back down into the Doge’s Palace via a window. He then convinced one of the guards that he’d been locked in after an evening event and was let out to escape via gondola to Paris. He was the only person to ever escape from the Piombi. His book about it is great! Enjoy!

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