8 June, 2017

Definitely the most impressive artwork of this Biennale 2017


Snow snow snow!!!

14 January, 2017


Candles and boots

21 November, 2016

The 21st of November is often in Venice a day of Candles and boots, as most of the time the “Madonna Della Salute” day is rainy and cold, sometimes with “acqua alta” too.

salute day in venice

madonna della salute

The opening of the new Fondaco dei Tedeschi (last 1st of October) has been the biggest news in Venice in the past years.


The restoration has been sumptuous (here the details: www.yatzer.com/fondaco-dei-tedeschi-venice-benetton-oma), the terrace is stunning and open to all, but the best threads in the social site has been about these slippers for sale in one of the shops at the price of 360 euro!



Art and daily life

5 April, 2016

I have taken this pic last week at an art exhibition in front of the Fondamenta degli Ormesini.


rialto restoration

rialto restoration

The Doge

8 February, 2016

Doge 2016

Doge 2016

Photo by my old friend Jacopo