Morning in Venice

3 October, 2017

Morning, before the tourists wake up, when kids go to school and all the shops, restaurants and hotels are supplied.


Wedding in Venice

15 June, 2016

I personally know this young bride, wish her a long happy life in Venice 🙂




Art and daily life

5 April, 2016

I have taken this pic last week at an art exhibition in front of the Fondamenta degli Ormesini.



21 March, 2016

bricole_ fond_nuove


5 November, 2015

Love “Al Timon”, and not only because I know Ale since we were little boy scout 🙂

The notice says “Be kind, max 10 pieces”

al timon

al timon

Rainy days

15 October, 2015

Waiting for the “acqua alta”…

san girolamo

san girolamo

San Marcuola bells

16 July, 2015



Summer in Venice

13 July, 2015

It’s very hot in Venice, sunset is the best time to go out.

Ormesini Al Timon

Ormesini Al Timon

Vogalonga 2015

25 May, 2015

When boats and the tired rowers arrive in the Cannaregio Canal is always a mess.

vogalonga 2015

vogalonga 2015

vogalonga 2015

vogalonga 2015

Old and New Ghetto

14 April, 2015

Maybe you don’t know that the “Ghetto Nuovo” was the old one, and the “Ghetto Vecchio” the newest.

The first Jews in fact went to live in the island called the new foundry” (Getto nuovo), and only when they grew in number also occupied the area calledold foundry” (Getto vecchio).

Venice ghetto

Venice ghetto