The opening of the new Fondaco dei Tedeschi (last 1st of October) has been the biggest news in Venice in the past years.


The restoration has been sumptuous (here the details:, the terrace is stunning and open to all, but the best threads in the social site has been about these slippers for sale in one of the shops at the price of 360 euro!



About cruises in Venice

15 April, 2008

Too big, too close to the old town, too full of tourists, but
…business is business.
cruises in venice


 venice carpentieri

CARPENTIERI E CALAFATI. In the old Venice Arsenale The “Calafati” were the worker learned in sealing up the ships with jute fibre and hot pitch. Now this craft doesn’t exist any more, but the Società di mutuo soccorso fra carpentieri e calafati  still exists, it is the historical  organization of welfare for the “calafati” and woodworkers families.

This is its office.

Società di mutuo soccorso fra carpentieri e calafati

(This time I have used quite a lot the vocabulary, forgive the mistakes)

Spring in Castello

1 April, 2008

Dedicated to those who believe that Venice is all crowded with tourists.

Castello Venice

There are still in Venice place quiet and silent, with just the sound of pigeons and Venetian women chatting on the windows. You can even find a hidden old shop like this.

Castello shop

If you see this Venice in Spring you will yearn to return.

Al Timon

28 March, 2008

Just few steps from the “the best place in the world” there is this little Osteria. Don’t go beacuse it is already full. Good wine, great cichetti, kind Venetians innerkeepers, funny Venetians clients.

Al Timon Venice

Al Timon is near the Ghetto, in Fondamenta degli Ormesini.