Madonna della Salute

21 November, 2011

It’s the “Salute” feast again. So much loved by Venetians. 




Candles and boots

21 November, 2010

For the today “Madonna della Salute” feast

salute 2010

salute 2010

The SALUTE feast

21 November, 2007

Salute Church 

Every year, the 21st of Novembre, Venetians (and also many tourists) make a pilgrimage to the Salute Church. The church was built in 1631 by Baldassarre Longhena to thank the Lady who had stopped a terrible plague that killed 46.000 Venetians (and the Doge)!
The evening of the 20th it’s used to eat the castradina, mutton meat smoked, and after the visit to the church there are sweets, frittelle and air balloons for the kids.

Salute Feast

Just for this feast a boat bridge is built on the Grand Canal.

Salute bridge