I was born in Venice, where my parents and grand parents have spent all their life.
Now I live abroad, beyond the bridge that links Venice to the mainland.

This blog is just a window on Venice from beyond the bridge, with a little help from the other side (…thanks dad for the pictures :-).

30 Responses to “About”

  1. Karen Wishart Says:

    What a beautiful site you have created. I come to Italy every year but have not been to Venice since 1969. You have inspired me to go again.

  2. Thanks,
    There are so many things to tell about Venice!
    You will find Venice changed since 1969, but not too much.

  3. Daniel Says:

    Wonderful site. Your pictures are incredible. I am creating a website dedicated to Venice and her lovers (aloverofvencice.com). Check it out. Any comments will be welcome. I am looking for a site that has pictures of the Calatrava bridge, to link it to mine. Any suggestions?

  4. Gaia Says:

    Thanks Daniel,
    I’ll have a look to your site.
    Most of the picture are taken by my dad 🙂
    Unfortunately I haven’t gone to Venice for a while, but I hope to have a nice picture of Calatrava Bridge the next week.

  5. artnuvo Says:

    the pictures reminded me of our trip to venice more than 5 years ago, and, yes, we did get lost on purpose and wander the alleys. and I wish I had access to google then while trying to locate an address. perhaps you can add several of the 5 synagogues in canareggio and the rialto market.


  6. Chithra Jeyaram Says:


    I am doing research for a filmmaker, for a possible film on festivals, food, culture and history. I would like to know more about Festa del Redentore and the food associated with the festival. What kind of food is eaten on the boat. Is it home made? Is there a significance to what is eaten? what does the festival mean to a Venetian?
    Thank you

  7. Gaia Says:

    The “Redentore” is a very traditional festival. On the boats people eat home-made: “anara col pien” (stuffed duck) and fish (“sfogi” or “passarini”, today mostly “sardee”) in “soar” (with onion) and watermelon.
    Well, now most of the people bring mostly wine and beer 🙂 but you can still see whole family on flower dressed boats sitting on long table just the size of the boat and eating this food.
    There is no a significance, it’s just an old tradition.
    Redentore is maybe the last event that belongs more to Venetians then to tourists and quite everybody attend it, young and old.

  8. Mark Mackintosh Says:

    Hi there,
    Columbus, a Dutch travel magazine, would like to devote an article on Venice. Basically, we’d like locals to tell us about their favorite, off-the-beaten-track spots in the city. Would you be willing to help?
    Mark Mackintosh
    Editor Columbus Magazine

  9. Hi Mark,
    it seems interesting, what do you need exactly?
    Restaurants and Osterie where Venetians go or activities to do or what else?


  10. Laura Says:

    I just discovered this blog a few minutes ago and I hope to read it for such a really long time because so much beauty must be seen.I had the pleasure to “live” a few days in Venice a few years ago and it was wonderful.You are very lucky believe me.
    Congratulations for the blog, I already have it in my favourites.
    Best regards from Spain.

  11. Thank you very much Laura!
    I try to write any time my little girl leave me a little bit of free time :-).
    I have many great photos waiting to be uploaded.

  12. Laura Says:

    I will wait for them patiently, it is very kind of you and all people who make blogs about these beautiful places to let us know and see and put a bit of beauty and joy in our lives through words and images.
    Regards from Spain.

  13. Stacy Says:

    I love your blog! My husband is from around Padova and Venice is our very favorite city. As a native, do you have any suggestions on where to stay IN Venice? that won’t empty the pocketbook? I look forward to coming back again and again =)

  14. Great blog with beautiful pictures of the old town.

    How I miss walking my way throughout Venice and travelling up and down the Grand Canal on the vaporetto … even the smell too.

    Can’t wait to return.

  15. M. Levin Says:

    Fabulous site – great inspiration. Must visit again.

    Thank you.

  16. Good morning,

    My name is Tom Lukjaniec and I´m contacting you on behalf of Oh-holidays in regards to placing a link on your website.

    I´ve recently been browsing your website and I´m very interested in placing a text ad link to our Venice apartments page (http://www.oh-venice.com/) on your website
    Would this be possible? If so, would you be interested in a link exchange?

    I´d love to hear your thoughts on this potential partnership.

    Kind Regards,

    Tom Lukjaniec

    Marketing Assistant

    • Dear Tom,
      thanks for your message, but by now I’m not interested in advertising or link exchange. I’m only linking friends or guys I have worked with.

      Kind regards


  17. Hi,
    I’m a portrati photographer and since I lived in Venice for 3 years I like so much that city that I try to be back as often as possible.

    Do you think that we could collaborate with some content that may be itnerestign for your readers?
    (video, Images articles…)

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  18. Ciao Gaia,
    se ci sono mie imamgini su Venezia che possono interessare ai tuoi lettori sarei ben contento di fornirtele in modo che tu abbia qualche contenuto in più e io della visibilità aggiuntiva.

    Credo che tu possa vedere la mia mail, direi di scriverci direttamente,



  19. myyearabroadadventure2012 Says:

    I’m starting a big trip backpacking around Europe in a week and I’m doing some research on what to see in Venice. I was hoping you could give a few ideas of what to see aside from the main tourist attractions and maybe where is good to find something good and cheap to eat – willing to go outside of the tourist trap!

    You’re photos are lovely.

  20. Hi Liz,
    There are so many to say about Venice!
    -First of all avoid tourist restaurants around Saint Mark’s Place and Rialto. Better to eat in Osterie or Bars in Cannaregio or Castello Area.
    -Take the public boat and enjoy the Grand Canal from the train station to Saint Mark (San Zaccaria stop).
    -Get Lost in Castello
    -Have an ice cream at the Zattere promenade
    -Go to saint Mark’s Square in the night or very early in the morning
    – Take the time to visit the Basilica with a book or a guide
    – take the time to sit in a small Campo cafè and have a spritz
    Hope it’s enough…

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  22. What a fascinating perspective! I’m so looking forward to delving into some of the conundrums back across the bridge 🙂

  23. Salve, Gaia!

    I own Italy Book Tours, a professional virtual book tour company that features books set in Italy. I have an interesting offer for you but I don’t see any contact info on your blog. Would you kindly email me at italybooktours at gmail dot com?

    Thank you so much!
    Laura Fabiani

  24. I walked and rowed Venice for years in the ’80s with my companion Serge Bassenko, who took there thousands of photographs by day, by night, and in the lagoon. You can see them on his website: http://www.lupusae.com
    Seeing your photographs, I have remembered all that moving time, because your photos are unexpectedly true, full of love and malincony for a city you seem to be so deeply attached to.
    I am writing you now “from beyond the bridge”, and I thank you very much, Eléonore

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