Sad days

25 November, 2015

Yesterday many shops in Venice closed for one hour during the funeral of the young woman died at the Bataclan theatre during the Paris attacks.

She grown up in Venice (we attended the same high school) and her parents are well known and estimated.




Madonna della Salute 2015

21 November, 2015

It’s nice to see every year how Venetians remember this old tradition and the vow made by a Doge almost 400 years ago. It creates a link between old and new generations.

festa salute 2015

Salute 2015

The fog season has started

9 November, 2015




5 November, 2015

Love “Al Timon”, and not only because I know Ale since we were little boy scout :-)

The notice says “Be kind, max 10 pieces”

al timon

al timon

Electric scooters in Venice

28 October, 2015

New ideas to enjoy Venice. The only problem is that it’s forbidden and you could be fined (as it happened just a couple of days ago in Saint Mark’s Plaza).

Just for your info: all electrical transports are prohibited in Venice.



Rainy days

15 October, 2015

Waiting for the “acqua alta”…

san girolamo

san girolamo


regata storica 2015

regata storica 2015


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